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Anne Blake, psychiatrist, is good at her job and believes that even the most sick at heart can be cured...or at least saved enough that they can lead a better life. But maybe she's wrong? Maybe within a murderer's heart, evil lurks and nothing can be done except to save yourself?

From the writer of Gone, Slings & Arrows, Knowing Jack, The Star Realm, Invasion, Secrets Of The Ice, Lost Shadows, Of Sound Mind, Misadventures Of Fatwoman, 13 and Figments, here is something completely different... ...read on.


"I loved the way the tale progressed, with all the unexpected twists and turns." Maria Savva

"I really enjoyed this mystery, enough suspense to keep me saying...just one more chapter..." Sheri Wilkinson

"This story is told in such a way that I only guessed the 'punchline' just before the author wanted me to." F. Wilson

"...not short on intrigue and suspense..." A. E Thomas